Mod Spotlight: Torchlight II’s Rapid Respec mod

Torchlight II - Rapid Respec

One of the biggest complaints against Torchlight II is the game’s limited options for skill respecs: you can only respec the last three points that you spent on your character. Beyond that and you are out of luck. What if you suddenly need to change your build, or come across a later skill that drastically requires you to modify your playstyle and existing skill points?

Fortunately, the developers of TL2 have allowed the game to be modded easily (unlike a certain Diablo III), and a group of modders from ClockworkCore have created a handy Rapid Respec tool, allowing you to fully respec not just your skill points but your attribute points too.

The tool is very simple to install and use: just unzip it anywhere, and point the program to your TL2 save files. All of your saved characters will automatically be detected, and you can start editing your points immediately. There is an auto-backup function in the program, allowing you to rollback your edits in case something unexpected happens.

One useful feature that I like is the program’s “Character Legitimacy Control” function. These checkboxes will ensure that your character remains legit during your edits. For example, you cannot invest too many points into a skill if your class has not met that skill’s level requirement yet. You can even edit your character’s name and appearance (including your pet), if you have the sudden urge to change your hero’s looks.

You can download the Rapid Respec tool here. The program has been tested and used numerous times by the author to tweak his Engineer’s skills and attributes.

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