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Hand me any game and I’ll play it, beat it and leave it out to dry. I will marvel at its boundless wonders and relish in the excitement of play. I will study it, break it down and tinker with its bits and pieces. To it I will devote my utmost attention and respect. Games are my lifeblood, my passion and my craft.

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Revisiting Fallout: New Vegas

The scorching sun, an endless irradiated desert, warbands of chem-fueled raiders, the sights and sounds of the Strip, a war between the Bear and the Bull and in the middle of it all, the Courier. Such is the Mojave Wasteland that I once walked, loved, hated and now miss. Although a year has passed since I […] Read more »

Can your PC handle the Dragons of Skyrim?

The massive RPG juggernaut that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is but a couple of short weeks away, sixteen days to be exact. As we march on along the road towards its hallowed release, it would probably do all of you PC gamers (myself included) some good to take not of exactly what you’ll […] Read more »

Grand Theft Auto V is coming

Should you have a time, have a visit to Rockstar Game’s webpage and you’ll be greeted by a splash image that effectively confirms the impending arrival of the fifth installment to the controversially illustrious franchise that is Grand Theft Auto. Read more »

DOTA, from Blizzard’s point of view

With all the hype generated these days by MOBAs such as League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and the upcoming DOTA 2, it comes as no surprise that Blizzard too has FINALLY taken it upon themselves to branch into a genre that took the industry by storm, from the humble beginnings of a Warcraft 3: […] Read more »

Skyrim, live and fan made

While Skyrim’s release may only be a month away, a number of very dedicated fans and volunteers have taken up arms in an effort to show the world just how much The Elder Scrolls and Besthesda’s upcoming epic mean to them. Read more »