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Portal 2: The unboxing

Thanks to the efforts of all the crazy gamers who participated in Valve’s Potato Sack Alternate Reality Game (ARG), Portal 2 was released on Steam on Tuesday, 12.35pm (Singapore time), several hours early (originally scheduled for 7pm+). For the rest of us mere mortals holding out for the brick-and-mortar physical copy, here’s a quick look […] Read more »

Nintendo 3DS launches in Singapore on 28 March

Update (28 March): The local 3DS is region-locked to North America. The recommended retail prices for 3DS games on launch day is SG$59.99. Original: The Nintendo 3DS is launching in Singapore on 28 March, on the same day as the US (taking into account timezone differences), with a retail price of SG$399. Maxsoft, the Southeast […] Read more »

Sony PSP2 fact sheet: Everything you need to know

The PlayStation Portable 2, codenamed the Next Generation Portable (NGP), has just been announced by Sony Computer Entertainment at this year’s PlayStation Meeting 2011 event in Tokyo, Japan. I have waded through all the announcements and press releases to give you a simple, fact-sheet summary about this new gaming device: Read more »

Blade Kitten review

Blade Kitten is a hack-and-slash platformer set in a futuristic science-fiction setting, with a sword-wielding catgirl named Kit Ballard as its main protagonist. Half Lara Croft and half Samus Aran, she is one of the coolest and most entertaining female gaming characters to date. Read more »

Scott Pilgrim VS. The World movie review

Foppy and Kilvear have finally managed to watch the Scott Pilgrim VS. The World movie on Blu-ray over the weekend. After months of waiting, starting way back in August with the delay of the theatrical release in Singapore (and its eventual cancellation), read on to find out how they feel about the film. Read more »

BBCS singles tournament at AFAX

Even more gaming goodness this weekend at Anime Festival Asia 2010 (AFAX). SG Finest and Rebel2SG have teamed up to organise a free BlazBlue: Continuum Shift singles tournament at AFAX on 13-14 November, at Suntec Exhibition Hall 401. Read more »