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King of Fighters movie review

This movie is an absolute abomination. Do not contemplate watching it, even if you decide to pirate it on the net. If you’re here to read a review about this film, you can stop once you reach the end of this paragraph —  it is bad, terribly terribly bad. Read more »

SBO Singapore Finals: Team Happy are champions

Team Happy – consisting of Ho Kun Xian (using Akuma), Leslie Cheong (using Sagat), and Tommy (using Chun) – earned the right to represent Singapore in Street Fighter IV at the TOUGEKI ’10 Super Battle Opera (SBO) fighting games tournament in September, after winning the SBO Singapore Qualifying Tournament yesterday night. Read more »

EVO2010 starts tonight

This year’s EVO2010 Championship Series will be taking place at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and you can still spectate the action here in Singapore by tuning in to their live stream. The first pool of qualifiers is scheduled to start tonight at 12am (Singapore time). Read more »

This is your final KOF13 roster

SNK-Playmore has revealed the entire fighting roster for King of Fighters XIII. The missing team slot has been filled up by none other than the NESTS Team — K’, Kula, and Maxima (sorry Whip fanboys, it appears that she didn’t make the cut). Read more »