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Avid gamer, writer, occasional anime watcher, and sports fan. Hates button mashers with a passion. Do not let me catch you spoiling the joysticks and buttons at the arcade.

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Fop’s Great Justice #1: The angry 3-letter word

Or, why the people who stomp Left 4 Dead pubs are hopeless.

I am starting to develop a reputation as "that guy who refuses to play against pubs" in the Steam L4D group I frequent. For every person on my friends list who is playing Left 4 Dead and pubstomping in Versus, you can rest assured that none of them will ever bother inviting me into their games.

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GameSync’s online L4D tournament: deadline extended

The registration deadline for GameSync's online L4D tournament has been extended from 28 August to 8 September. The full details and rules for the competition have also been released, which you can view in this forum thread.

Prizes will be sponsored by sgWarGames in the form of dedicated servers:

  • 1st prize: free 3 months dedicated server subscription
  • 2nd prize: free 2 months dedicated server subscription
  • 3rd prize: free 1 month dedicated server … Read more »

The PS3 Slim and what it means for local gamers

By now, you would have surely heard of Sony's new PlayStation 3 Slim. Announced earlier this week at the Gamescon convention in Colonge, Germany, the PS3 Slim sports a 120GB hard drive, and will retail for US$299. The Slim is scheduled for a worldwide release on September 1.

Existing 'Fat' versions of the PS3 will undergo a price cut, with the 80GB version dropping to US$299 (was previously US$399), and the 160GB version at US$399 (was previously US$499).

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