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Interview With -DreamZ- Lei

In an otherwise uneventful match with Always, DreamZ captured the attention of the spectators at Head Quarters when they pumped Lei’s Sven with items, and Lei windwalked solo into the Scourge base and nearly took out the throne! From then on, it was clear that DreamZ was a team worth watching. The DreamZ WCG DotA team is made up of […] Read more »

Interview with AIRinc

AIRinc is a Natural Selection clan that is bringing Singapore international recognition with their participation in AusNS.MT(W). They have a record of 5 wins 1 loss so far, and are currently in the final 4 of the tournament. We caught up with the AIRinc AusNS.MT(W) team on IRC and asked them about their clan, how they started playing Natural Selection, their thoughts on playing in AusNS.MT(W) and overseas in general, as well as AIRinc's future plans. Read more »

Interview: cG.PrOj3Ct

GameSync conducted an IRC interview with cG.PrOj3Ct, the leader of cG Team 2. His team placed second in the recently concluded round one of the Counter-Strike: Source WCG cybercafe preliminaries held at LanLab@Ginza on Sunday, 3rd April 2005. We asked him about his clan, team, and his views on WCG this year. Read more »