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Contest: Watch SC2 and LoL at IEM gamescom in HD

Next week, from 17 to 21 August, some of the biggest names in StarCraft II and League of Legends will gather at the GamesCom expo in Cologne, Germany for the Intel Extreme Masters Season VI Cologne Global Challenge. If, like me, you’re not fortunate enough to attend in person, no worries; ESL will be streaming the […] Read more »

PMS Asterisk* photo shoot picture launch

All-girls Dota team PMS Asterisk* has finally revealed the first photo from their latest photo shoot, featuring none other than team commander and strategist Huayan “yan” Ng. I’m personally liking this photo. It’s bold, it’s playful, and it seems to let yan’s personality shine visually, avoiding the whole “let’s go for sex appeal” pitfall commonly associated with […] Read more »

SSF4AE: Singapore vs. Japan post-EVO match

If you couldn’t get enough of Street Fighter IV during last week’s EVO championship, here’s more action featuring our very own team from Singapore going up against the big boys from Japan! The footage was recorded from the Redemption Suite stream and was played after the main EVO tournament concluded. Sick, sick action and nail-biting […] Read more »

TF2 Protip #1: Health kit etiquette

I’m sure this has happened to you at least a couple of times while playing Team Fortress 2 by now: You’re low on health and on fire after fighting a Pyro. You make a beeline for the nearest health kit, but just as you are about to grab it, a near-full health Scout jumps in from […] Read more »