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We want your suggestions and feedback!

Do you think we suck? Or do you think GameSync.net is the best thing since sliced bread? Or maybe you just think we should do something really cool! Either way, it's now possible for you to give your feedback by clicking on the Feedback tab floating at the left-hand side of our website (see image for details).

For the longest time now GameSync.net has been operating like a walled garden. In order to post comments and stuff you had to register and there was no easy way you could give feedback directly on the website. This is part of an effort to improve and serve your needs … Read more »

IAHGames blood donation drive in December

IAHGames, together with the Singapore Red Cross Society, will be holding its second blood donation drive dubbed as The Red Affair 2: Blood Race event next month. The twist this time round? It will be a competition between the Granado Espada, Dragonica and FIFA Online 2 communities to out do each other, with exclusive in-game benefits to be won.

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