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GCA registration open

Those who register early for this year's Games Convention Asia, as well as the accompanying professional Conference, will be able to enjoy additional benefits over those who register at the door.

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e-Life@Suntec Gaming Challenge RESULTS!

Originally posted by Halcyon on Videogames.SG Today marks the end of Suntec E-Life's Gaming Challenge. With Xbox360 games, PSP Slims and up to $500 worth of vouchers up for grabs, gamers gathered to show off their skills and claim their glory. After 3 weeks of grueling qualifiers the results are IN. Read more »

Team Fortress 2 to get new achievements and weapons tomorrow

Originally written by David Chua for Videogames.SG Video Gaming News site, Kotaku, reports that the much awaited Pyro achievements and Meet The Sniper video will be released sometime tomorrow morning (Singapore time). The expected upgrades will include:

  • 35 new achievements for the Pyro class
  • 3 new unlockable weapons for the Pyro class
  • 2 new maps to be added into the official map rotation
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