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WCG Top 4 DotA Teams

The top four teams for WCG DotA 5.84c are: [b]SeX[/b], [b]BoA[/b], [b]Team Lt[/b] and [b]One Letter[/b]. Their match ups are as follows: [b]SeX[/b] vs BoA[/b] [b]Team Lt[/b] vs [b]One Letter[/b] Good luck to them in the semi-finals. Read more »

Need For Speed Underground 2 Results

Malaysian clan [b]Mas-1[/b] looks set to sweep all the top placings for Need For Speed Underground 2, with members [b]iNf|M1-ForZa[/b], [b]iNf|M1-DavidMan82[/b] and [b]iNf|M1-SpeedBoy[/b] all into the top 4. The only Singaporean in contention is [b]Phenic[/b], who is very dedicated to pro gaming. Read more »

Second Round Partial Results For CSS

A partial list of results for CSS is out for the second round KO for WCG. [b]Blaz[3].X3[/b] > [b]FE[/b] (16 - 10) [b]TitaNs[/b] > [b]FTP[/b] (16 - 2) [b]RageFaction[/b] > [b]GBR[/b] (16 - 8) The last result, [b]Covert Ghost[/b] vs [b]PandemoniuM![/b] is now taking place, with PdM in the currently lead by 13 - 2 in the first half of the game. Read more »

First Round KO Results For CSS

All the first round matches for the Counter-Strike: Source knock out round have concluded. Scores are as follows: [b]Blaz[3].X3[/b] > [b]UsD[/b] (16 - 9) [b]FTP[/b] > [b]Team Regent.1[/b] (16 - 3) [b]TitaNs[/b] > [b]r4[/b] (16 - 1) [b]Covert Ghost[/b] > [b]AJC[/b] (16 - 3) [b]PandemoniuM[/b] > [b]8ix.[/b] (16 - 4) [b]RageFaction[/b] > [b]NYP[/b] (Walkover) [b]GBR[/b] > [b]NewEdge[/b] (16 - 1) [b]Fatal Exception[/b] is through to the next round as they had no cyber cafe seed to play against. FE actually won the cyber cafe finals to be seeded into the knock out … Read more »

aZ Triumphs Over Ctrl

[b]aZ[/b] triumped over [b]Ctrl[/b] in the first round of the knock out stage in the last DotA 5.84c match, and indeed the last match of the entire WCG Singapore Day 2. Good luck to them in the coming rounds. Read more »

Ctrl Winners of DotA Group 9

Latest news just in: [b]Ctrl[/b] has just emerged winners of DotA Group 9, breaking the tie by their hero kills and towers kills. Congratulations to them, they will be facing up against [b]aZ[/b] now, for the last DotA match of the day. Read more »

Barracuda All Girls DotA Competition

The Barracuda All Girls DotA show match has been confirmed for tomorrow, Sunday, 11th September 2005. Time is from 3 to 5 pm. The teams are as follows: [b]EzR-NiLus, EzR-Green, aLt)Gwen , aLt)aLien, AhGal[/b] VS [b]furryfish.rev0 , Pinksheep.rev0, AsT)charlene, Mag, Sherica[/b] Do come down and watch this exciting (and beautiful) match up! This news courtesy of [url=http://dotasg.blogspot.com/]DOTA Singapore[/url]. Read more »

First Round Results For DotA Knock Out Stages

The results of the first stage DotA knock out round are out, and are as follows: (Cyber Cafe Seed) [b]SEX[/b] over [b]eM[/b] [b][S]h[A]meLes[S][/b] over [b]sMLj[/b] [b]BoA[/b] over [b]MYRMIDONS[/b] (Community Club Seed) [b]-MYRMt2-[/b] over [b]DsD Tactics Sheet Abusers[/b] [b]Team Lt[/b] over [b]THE ROBERTS[/b] (Secondary School Seed) (JC Seed) [b]AJC[/b] over [b]LoL[/b] [b]One Letter[/b] over [b]Unforgiven[/b] The only match unplayed is [b]aZ[/b] against the as yet undecided group 9 winner. Read more »

Group Winners for DotA 5.84c

The following teams have emerged as the group leaders for DotA 5.84c and will be seeded into the knock out rounds. Group 1: [b]eM[/b] Group 2: [b][S]h[A]meLes[S][/b] Group 3: [b]sMLj[/b] Group 4: [b]BoA[/b] Group 5: [b]-MYRMt2-[/b] Group 6: [b]DsD Tactics Sheet Abusers[/b] Group 7: [b]Team Lt[/b] Group 8: [b]aZ[/b] Group 10: [b]LoL[/b] Group 11: [b]One Letter[/b] The results are group 9 are still pending as the last match is being played. It's a three way tie between xLt, Ctrl and ZanG. Read more »