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Getting the most out of your gaming experience

Many casual gamers underrate the importance belonging to a gaming community has. As a result, most players never get fully involved with a particular game. Instead of developing a loyalty to a certain game they like,  they constantly switch their interests and thus start to develop a loyalty not to any particular game but just […] Read more »

Singapore’s first ever BarCraft: photos and recap

Singapore’s first ever BarCraft — a gathering to watch StarCraft II in a bar or pub — happened last Saturday. Organiser Alexandre “Frogmite” Dumont expected “maybe a dozen” to turn up, but over 50 people attended the event in the end. Here are some photos of the event, graciously provided by Shi Chun, who is […] Read more »

Interview with M_Flo about his beginners’ tournament

Chris “M_Flo” Hong will be organising a beginners’ and newcomers’ tournament for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition this Saturday at the Colosseum cyber cafe. Chances are — if you aren’t already involved in SF4 tournaments or hang out with the Bugis arcade community — you probably haven’t heard of him. That’s why NGNT is bringing […] Read more »

MYM signs former Scythe.SG Dota team

Scythe.SG — who recently placed third at the International Dota 2 Championship — is now part of Denmark-based professional esports team Meet Your Makers after signing a one-year deal with them earlier this week. The Singapore-based team will replace the previous MYM.DotA team led by Jacob “Maelk” Toft-Andersen. Read on for the details. Read more »