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A.C.M.E III: Touhou 12.3 Singapore tournament

Update (13 Aug): The original article had a few factual errors regarding the actual organisers of the tournament, and some confusion between which Touhou fighting game came first. Edited for clarity. Original: The Touhou Hisoutensoku community in Singapore will be taking part in a tournament at this year’s A.C.M.E III (A Certain Magical Event III) […] Read more »

PMS Asterisk* photo shoot picture launch

All-girls Dota team PMS Asterisk* has finally revealed the first photo from their latest photo shoot, featuring none other than team commander and strategist Huayan “yan” Ng. I’m personally liking this photo. It’s bold, it’s playful, and it seems to let yan’s personality shine visually, avoiding the whole “let’s go for sex appeal” pitfall commonly associated with […] Read more »

SSF4AE: Singapore vs. Japan post-EVO match

If you couldn’t get enough of Street Fighter IV during last week’s EVO championship, here’s more action featuring our very own team from Singapore going up against the big boys from Japan! The footage was recorded from the Redemption Suite stream and was played after the main EVO tournament concluded. Sick, sick action and nail-biting […] Read more »

Singapore at Evo 2011: What you need to know

Local fighting game enthusiasts and members of the competitive fighting game scene in Singapore will be cheering on their compatriots this weekend as six Singaporeans mark the nation’s debut at the Evolution 2011 World Finals (EVO 2011), held from 29-31 July in Las Vegas. For the local community, this is a historic moment and a […] Read more »

StarHub e-Club TF2 server guide [updated]

With Valve making Team Fortress 2 free-to-play effective yesterday, many gamers – both new players and TF2 veterans – are now giving the game a go. The question is, where do you go to play? NGNT recommends playing on the StarHub e-Club servers as they have good connectivity across most of the Asia-Pacific region. Read on […] Read more »

Battlefield Fridays: An Interview with Tax

When I was at last week’s Battlefield Fridays, a weekly console fighting game meetup and tournament, I met up with Curren “Tax” Seow (left in photo, with Yu-Sheng “Farpenoodle” Tan on the right). Tax is one of the organisers behind the community-run event. He shares with me more about how Battlefield Fridays got its start, what […] Read more »

The Sign of Razer

So the mysterious Sign of Razer has been revealed at PC Show 2011 yesterday: It’s actually a plastic cut-out of Razer’s snake head logo with a suction cup, and you’re supposed to stick it on your car’s windscreen for the chance to get some loot. But first, more about Razer’s booth at the PC Show. Read more »