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rEv0 launches all-female DotA team

[b]Clan rEv0Lt (rEv0) has announced the launch of a competitive all-female DotA Allstars team.[/b] In a [url=]news post[/url] posted on their clan website, [url=]rEv0[/url] announced the formation of an all-female DotA team. According to the website, rEv0 believes that "gaming for females [has] generally and gradually moved towards mainstream" and has "concrete plans" for the female DotA team. The roster for rEv0's female team will consist of hime, valerie, daPh, Kimchi and Huayan initially. rEv0 has plans for expansion … Read more »

All-girl DotA team asterisk* looking for new talent

[b]All-girl DotA Allstars team asterisk* has sent word that they are recruiting new talent into their ranks.[/b] The trials will take place this Saturday, 31st March 2007, at Gaming Giant in Katong Shopping Centre. asterisk* spokesperson Tammy "furryfish" Tang also laid out four pre-requisites potential candidates should have before attending the trial: [][list=1][*]must be FEMALE. males need not apply. [*]preferably not studying, or not in a crucial exam year. [*]have decent connection + com at home to train. or able to go lan to train with the rest of … Read more »

Couple interview: Amanda and Weiqiang

[center][img][/img][/center] I caught up with Amanda and Weiqiang after the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2005 Cybercafe Preliminaries at LanLab Online Ginza Plaza. Weiqiang, from Covert Ghost (cG), age 19, and his beloved girlfriend, Amanda, 18, have been a loving couple for one and a half years. Read more »