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An open letter to Mike Sacco and Anthony Burch: in defence of Borderlands 2’s Tiny Tina

The NPCs in Borderlands 2 are characteristically insane, psychopathic, or both. From the schizophrenic Patricia Tannis, to the villainous and heartless Handsome Jack. Even the heroes from the original game are not safe: Mordecai is a sharpshooter who inexplicably becomes a better shot when drunk, and Brick is a bandit leader who enjoys seeing his own […] Read more »

[Update] A compilation of Doritos and Mountain Dew: the best articles of the MVG saga

I followed the recent controversy surrounding Eurogamer, Robert Florence, and Lauren Wainwright with great interest, because the problems highlighted by Florence are more prevalent here in Singapore and Asia (I won’t post names, but the culprits are clear as day if you know where to look). I also won’t bother summarising what happened, because many […] Read more »