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CAPL 2007/08 Elite Category action heats up

[center][img][/img][/center] [b]SINGAPORE[/b] - The last Elite Category quarter-final match has been concluded. Ipod Mini, xqR, Zenith will proceed to the semi-final stage. GameSync reports on the state of the Elite Category playing field after the jump. Read more »

TT_TT knocked out of MYM PriDe 5 at quarter-final stage

Singapore team [img][/img] [b]Team Tammy Tang (Truely)[/b] (TT_TT) has been knocked out at the quarter-final stage of the fifth edition of Prime Defending 5, an international DotA tournament organized by Danish-based international professional e-sports outfit [b]Meet Your Makers[/b] (MYM). Read more »