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StarCraft II: “Anything less than a clean sheet would be a let down” for WCS Singapore Nationals, says Revenant

This is the interview that everyone has been waiting for. Being the favourite to win the StarCraft II World Championship Series Singapore Nationals doesn’t give any additional pressure to Marcus “Revenant” Tan at all. That’s because he has imposed the biggest challenge on himself, declaring that “anything less than a clean sheet would be a […] Read more »

Spec Ops: The Line review

War is hell. The death, the screams of agony, the blood. There is no sugar coating war; even if one has the best intentions. Its horror turns the boldest of men into shells of their former selves. War is hell. And Spec Ops: The Line aims to thrust you headfirst into that hell. Read more »

Guide: How to purchase games from the US PSN store

Valve’s Steam Summer Sale may be conspicuously delayed this year, but that hasn’t stopped Sony from starting their own PSN Summer Sale for the first week of July. Atlus has also recently joined in the party, slashing the prices of their popular PlayStation titles by up to 50% (Catherine is now only US$19.99!) for the […] Read more »