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StarCraft II: Taking your game to the next level

There is a common saying in the world of eSports that goes, “If you want to be the best, you have to play with the best.” Although there are some rare exceptions, generally a person’s gaming skill is largely dependent on the playing environment he is in. This holds true for many other games as […] Read more »

Opinion: The emerging danger of Kickstarter-funded games

After the resounding successes of the respective Kickstarter projects for Double Fine, Wasteland 2, and The Banner Saga, it was inevitable that someone would eventually attempt to exploit the crowd-funding system for nefarious gains. That culprit was the “game” Mythic: The Story of Gods and Men, by Little Monster Productions. Read more »

Purchasing Diablo III in Singapore

So you’ve played the Diablo III beta and decided to purchase the game when it’s released on 15 May. Many gamers have already pre-ordered their copies of the game. However, for those who have not pre-ordered and are wondering what are their options for purchasing a copy, here’s a compiled list for your reference. Read more »

StarCraft II: Championship weekend recap

Last weekend saw a mass of major tournaments around the world for the StarCraft II scene. From Dreamhack in Stockholm to Major League Gaming (MLG)‘s Spring in New York City and the Australian Cyber League (ACL) in Sydney, all around the world we got the chance to watch all our favourite players duke it out. Read more »

DiRT: Showdown preview

DiRT: Showdown is the latest instalment of the Colin Mcrae Rally series of games by Codemasters. The game is touted as an arcade-themed racer, though its name suggests that it still has roots in the original DiRT series of games such as DiRT 1, 2, and 3. Read more »