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Sony HK unveils PS Vita bundle packs

Update (18 Dec): I previously reported that the local sets of the PS Vita would go on sale at around 19 December. This is incorrect, what I was referring to was actually the imported version of the Hong Kong PS Vita. If you see any local game shops selling the Vita at that time, it […] Read more »

Samsung announces Series 7 GAMER notebook

If you can’t wait for the Razer Blade — with critical test data stolen, who knows how long it’ll take to come to shop shelves — you might want to consider the Samsung Series 7 GAMER notebook instead. Announced three weeks ago, Samsung promises a “smarter and richer gaming experience without compromise”, just like every […] Read more »

The greatest gaming advertisement of all time

Sony has just created and uploaded the greatest gaming advertisement of all time to YouTube, celebrating both you, the gamer, and games alike. Click on read more to watch the video and, if you’re interested, this Reddit thread has a breakdown of all characters that appear along with annotated screenshots. Read more »

Winning Eleven 2012 gets PlayStation 3 bundle

Sony is really pulling out all stops to make sure you spend some money buying a PlayStation 3 this holiday season, with yesterday’s announcement of a Winning Eleven 2012 PlayStation 3 bundle being the latest sweetener after last month’s introduction of a S$50 price drop and two new PS3 colours. And yes, finally, a HDMI […] Read more »