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SC2 interview with Blizzard’s Kevin Yu aka “Karune”

I managed to get a good 15 minutes of time with Blizzard’s Global Manager for Community Develoment, Kevin Yu (aka “Karune”), to ask about Blizzard’s plans for StarCraft II in Singapore. Accompanying him was Associate Public Relations Manager Ryan Arbogast, who also contributed some tidbits. It was Kevin that did most of the talking though. […] Read more »

WC3: Interview with Revenant

Although Marcus "Revenant" Tan is only a rookie compared to others in the nearly ten-year-old Singapore WarCraft III competitive community, he has already made waves internationally with his progress in various international tournaments online. He was recently signed by semi-professional esports outfit XTC to kick off the revival of the team's WarCraft III division, a clear vote of confidence in his abilities.

GameSync interviews Revenant to find out more about the young WC3 player, his views on WC3 in Singapore and how he thinks he will fare in this weekend's World … Read more »

Interview with WCG 08 VF5 finalists Danny and Wilson

Danny (left) and Wilson, runner-up and champion, respectively, for the WCG Singapore 2008.

Those who watched the electrifying VF5 WCG Singapore National Finals title match between Danny "Danny" Koo and Wilson "Tetra" Chia would have agreed that the two players were equally matched, with the crown still in contention all the way to the fifth and final tie-breaker game. What people might not know is … Read more »

Interview with WCG08 SG FIFA champion Xtr3me3

We had a quick interview with newly crowned World Cyber Games 2008 FIFA Singapore champion Mohamed "Xtr3me3" Phirkhan shortly after his final match. Xtr3me3 talks about his feelings on defending his title, as well as his thoughts on the upcoming Asian Championship and plans for the WCG Grand Finals.

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Interview with Team Zenith

Team Zenith will be flying off today to attend DreamHack Winter 2007 WGT DotA tournament in Sweden and ASUS Autumn Open 2007 in Russia. The two competitions are the largest LAN competitions in Europe held towards the end of year. GameSync's Li "Alucard" Weijun is proud to bring you the latest interview with Zenith member Anthony "Ant" Moh on their trip. Read more »