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Overlord – Evil Always Finds A Way

Once upon a time, there was a world of fantasy and magic, where great heroes strode amongst the peaceful townsfolk, ridding the land of evil. Yet in this land, there was a fearsome tower, soaring into the skies, where these heroes challenge its dark master, cloaked in ominous shadow.

You are not one of those heroes.

You're the guy in the tower.

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Heroes of Newerth Facebook keys released

S2 Games has released more Heroes of Newerth keys to fans of their Facebook page. Several GameSync contributors and members have already received their keys, so you can expect some coverage of HoN here soon!

Meanwhile, those who are already playing can post in the HoN thread in our forums: http://gamesync.net/forums/topic/1020319/heroes-of-newerth. This will help us in our coverage too! See you in-game.

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