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WCG ’09 TF2 highlight: VCO vs H2H semi-finals

The semi-finals between VCO and H2H was a clash between two of Singapore's finest Team Fortress 2 teams, and it certainly did not disappoint. Both VCO and H2H played an extremely tactical game that was a pleasure to spectate. Both teams were more or less even on the first half but VCO outfoxed H2H in the second half to win the match 3-2 on aggregate.

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Capcom releasing classic games on The Playstation Network

Can you remember games like Bionic Commando? Do you get all nostalgic when you recall how much fun you had playing the games of old?

Well, Capcom will be releasing the "Capcom Classics Collection: Remixed", which includes:

• 1941: Counter Attack
• Avengers
• Bionic Commando
• Black Tiger
• Block Block
• Captain Commando
• Final Fight
• Forgotten Worlds
• Last Duel
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Why we are “better than them”

When Pei Hoon said "we are better than them" after being selected to represent Singapore against the likes of Korea and Japan, deep inside everyone knew it was an incredibly gutsy statement to make but we still yelled out our support and approval.

Personally, I did this not because I believed he would win the three-way exhibition match, or that a Singaporean will definitely take K.O. (although I do believe these could happen), but because I truly believe that gamers in Singapore have reasons to utter … Read more »