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BlitzRooney & Xtr3me3 to represent SG at ESWC

Peh "BlitzRooney" Hang Wei caused a major upset last Sunday when he dispatched reigning WCG Singapore FIFA champion Mohamed "Xtr3me3" Phirkhan in two straight games in the finals of the Electronic Sports World Cup Asia Masters of Cheonan FIFA Online 2 Singapore qualifiers.

Editor's note: BlitzRooney and Xtr3me3 are both now in South Korea representing Singapore at the ESWC Asia Masters. GameSync apologizes to our readers for the late posting of this news item.

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Fast, hard-hitting action in DOW2

“For the emperor!” my Force Commander lets out a yell as he lays the smackdown on a bunch of helpless orks. The Orks try to retaliate but are no match for my Space Marines who proceed to turn the ugly greenskins into red paint. I was barely a minute into the game when I was swarmed by several squads of Orks, who tried to overwhelm me with their numbers. However, they stood no chance as my Space Marines cut through them with superior weaponry, armor and sheer awesomeness. Read more »

Check out the Singapore fighting games community

Are you playing fighting games? Have you watched videos of fighting game matches, such as the recently concluded Street Figher IV World Tournament, and wonder if there's any action to be had in Singapore? The answer is yes! The fighting games community, like so many others in Singapore, is underground but alive and kicking, and I'll introduce you to some websites you should know about. Read more »