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MW2: No dedicated servers? No problem!

Still feeling peeved at Infinity Ward for removing dedicated servers from Modern Warfare 2? Never underestimate the PC community, for some aspiring MW2 PC gamers have managed to hack into the developer console and enabled the ability to set up dedicated servers.

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Mr. T the Night Elf Mohawk returns

  • Yet another WoW video of Mr. T, this time it advertises the new Mohawk grenade.
  • The Mohawk grenade is given by the Night Elf Mohawk NPC. He can be found at any WoW starting location.
  • The grenade has five charges. Anyone caught in the blast radius will be turned into a Night Elf Mohawk.
  • This is a real WoW update. No joke.

You can view Mr. T's original WoW video ad below:

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Over 87 bazillion guns: Borderlands micro-review

You've read about how Borderlands manages to mash-up Diablo's style of character levelling and item farming into a 3D, FPS perspective. Other games such as Hellgame: London have tried a similar mash-up but failed miserably. What makes Borderlands so special?

The Good
A true Diablo-FPS:

Co-op done right:

Well constructed game universe:

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FF XIII: international release date video

  • Official video for the announcement of Final Fantasy XIII's international release date
  • Will be released 9 March for the Xbox 360 and PS3
  • Japanese release date is 17 December
  • Theme song for the international version will be sung by Leona Lewis
  • Video shows off the game's spectacular visuals and the new Paradigm combat system
  • Just who the heck is that presenter in the video?
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The Onion: Modern Warfare 3 spoof

  • Spoof news story by The Onion, a popular satirical news site
  • The most realistic military simulation ever created
  • Modern Warfare 3 features over 17,000 hours of gameplay
  • Repair Humvees, dig trenches, and stare into the sand for hours doing nothing
  • Special M-249 controller for the Wii version
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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony plays like how all GTA games should be played. You play as Luis Lopez, the business partner, friend and confidante of Tony Prince, the king of Liberty City's nightlife. As Lopez, you spend the game helping Tony sort out his troubles with thugs, childhood friends and the son of a Middle-Eastern billionaire, who also happens to provide some of the funniest one-liners ever.

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