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Darksiders II review: bigger and better!

As far as sequels go, most games would usually move the plot forward, or focus on fleshing out the backstory. Darksiders II chooses to advance the storyline, taking place during the same time in which War, from the first game, is sent to Earth. We follow Death as he goes about discovering the true motivations […] Read more »

TF2: Mann vs Machine co-op mode announced

Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is the gift that doesn’t stop giving. After years of giving us consistent updates, entertaining “Meet the Team” videos, and most importantly, hats, Valve has announced Mann vs Machine (MvM), a co-operative “horde” mode where teams of six can take on the machine scourge. Read more »

Black Mesa leaked footage released

Footage of Black Mesa (previously called Black Mesa Source), the Half-Life 1 to Source Engine modification that has been in development for over seven years, was leaked by an anonymous reader on the forums. The original video has since been removed on YouTube due to a copyright claim by the developers, but was re-uploaded […] Read more »