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You are invited to the GameSync anniversary BBQ!

[b]GameSync will be hosting a barbeque on the 31st of March 2007 at East Coast Park as part of our second anniversary celebrations. You are invited![/b] Have you been reading GameSync? Do you post regularly on our forums? Have you come into contact with our staff over the last two years? If so, this BBQ is for you! We are organizing this BBQ is to show our appreciation to you - whether you are a reader, community member or a partner. GameSync wouldn't have been able to come so far without your support over the past two years and we are very grateful for it. The BBQ is free of charge. … Read more »

Interschool E-Gaming Challenge finals replay available for download

[b]The replay for the finals of the Interschool E-Gaming Challenge 2007 between Team NP (Ngee Ann Polytechnic) and ITE FTW (ITE Tampines) is now available for download the the new Interschool Replays section.[/b] In the new Interschool Replays section, you will be able to filter the replays by schools instead of teams. This should help navigate the hundred odd replays from the recent tournament, as well as future interschool tournaments (We hear that one is scheduled to take place alongside this year's WCG Singapore!). GameSync has some 108 other replays from the Interschool E-Gaming … Read more »

Zenith advances to top 16 in MYM PriDe 4

[b]Team Zenith defeated Australian team iMMunity in a pitched game lasting for about 2 hours to advance into the top 16 of the MYM Prime Defending 4 international DoTA tournament.[/b] Zenith drafted Nerubian Assassin (Ice), Sand King (xMusiCa), Sniper (ToFuBoi), Twin Head Dragon (Lux) and Warlock (Ant). iMMunity (iM) drafted Doom Bringer (Skribblez), Earthshaker (DeS), Queen of Pain (ZLK), Venomancer (HerBz) and Viper (hans). The full replay is not available, as HerBz from iMMunity was disconnected about 48 minutes into the game and the game was resumed from a save game. Fortunately, … Read more »

WCG 2007 Singapore Championship in early August

[b]The World Cyber Games 2007 Singapore Championships have been confirmed to be on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2007.[/b] [center][img][/img][/center] The World Cyber Games Singapore Championship website has been updated with a splash image which lists the WCG 2007 Singapore Championship finals as taking place on the 2nd and 3rd of August 2007 at Suntec Singapore Hall 602. This year's WCG Singapore campaign has, in fact, already started. The Samsung Campus Festival has made it's first stop at the Singapore Management University on the 9th to 11th … Read more »

MYM flip-flops over bracket redraw, Zenith last team standing

[b]After redrawing the Prime Defending 4 brackets to reshuffle the teams so that they do not play against other teams from their own countries, MYM reverted back to the original brackets.[/b] This resulted from complaints from many American and European teams that the redraw was done only one day before the matches were due to take place. Due to time zone differences and communication factors, many teams claimed that it would be impossible to schedule a match by the next day. As a result of the reversion, Mi2 forfeited their match against Zenith. WoShiCloud … Read more »

Singapore teams forced to eliminate each other in MYM PriDe 4

[b]Teams Mi2, Micronology and Zenith are through to round 2 of the MYM Prime Defending 4 international DotA Allstars tournament. However, they will be forced to eliminate each other in the next two rounds of the global tournament as they are in the same bracket.[/b] MYM Prime Defending (PriDe) 4 is an international DotA Allstars tournament with 128 teams from around the world taking part. The competition will be played on DotA Allstars v6.41 and the format of the competition is 5v5 AP draft single elimination. The tournament is organized by Denmark-based professional e-sports team Meet … Read more »