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Teams dN* and Wrath* qualify for IGC Grand Finals

[b]Teams Darkness (dN*) and Wrath* have qualified for the Intel Gaming Cup Grand Finals at the H.I.G.H Cyber Lounge tournament.[/b] [center][img][/img][/center] [url=]dN*[/url] defeated arch rivals [url=]MYRMIDONS[/url] in their finals match. MYRMIDONS were playing under the name "TWTF2". dN*'s victory was a bonus for them after their [url=]unhappiness[/url] over the way their semi-final match … Read more »

Interschool E-Gaming Challenge to randomize brackets until 16 teams remain

[b]The match brackets for the Funan Interschool E-Gaming Challenge will be reshuffled at each round of the DotA tournament. When there are only 16 teams remaining, the brackets will be fixed.[/b] [center][img][/img][/center] According to Rapture Gaming spokesperson Andy Tan, the reason for this is to keep things exciting and unpredictable. Mr. Tan further explained that this measure will also help reduce the likelihood of teams failing to turn up due to perceptions that their opponent is too strong for them. The Funan Interschool … Read more »

GILL DotA Competition 2007 replays available for download

[b]Replays from the recent Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition 2007 are now available for download from GameSync Replays.[/b] All replays for this competition come with a description indicating the hero draft for each side. In addition, GameSync Replays have the unique feature of enabling users to sort and filter replays by team name, event, map and version number. Click [url=]here[/url] to view the replays from the GILL DotA Competition 2007. [b]Related Links[/b][list] [*][url=]Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA … Read more »

Team Zenith emerges champions of Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition 2007

[b]Team Zenith emerged as the champions of the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition out of a field of 34 teams. Team xqR is the runner up, while Gamers Inc`Alpha finished third.[/b] Zenith won xqR convincingly in under an hour, dominating the map for most of the game. Gamers Inc`Alpha took almost two hours to end the game because dN* fiercely defended the throne even after all their structures were destroyed. Replays will be forthcoming within the next couple of days. Click on "read more" to view the match fixtures for the finals. Read more »

Team dN* enters GI/LL DotA Competition finals

[b]dN* is through to the finals of the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition 2007 after winning NMR in the final preliminary match of the day.[/b] dN* won NightMare in an 80 minute game after a technical glitch forced both teams to a rematch. The teams that will proceed on to the finals tomorrow are:[list] [*]MoM [*]xqR [*]Gamers Inc [*]Gamers Inc`Alpha [*]Zenith [*]Micronology [*]dN* [*]Wrath* [*]BiH[/list] Click on "read more" to view the match results for the first day. Read more »

Further updates from Gamers Inc cybercafe

[b]Teams Micronology, Wrath* and BiH are through to the finals of the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition 2007. The final round 2 match, dN* vs Nightmare, is still in progress.[/b] At about 48 minutes into the match, all 10 game clients involved in the dN* vs Nightmare match crashed. dN* held the early advantage, but Nightmare managed to counter their strategy and fought back hard. During a full 5 v 5 clash at the Scourge (dN*) base mid tower, the crash happened. At this point, Nightmare was ahead purely in terms of towers, items and gold. However, the marshals decided that the match was … Read more »

Gamers Inc/LanLan DotA Competition preliminary update

[b]Teams MoM, xqR, Gamers Inc, Gamers Inc`Alpha and Zenith are through to the finals of the Gamers Inc/LanLab DotA Competition.[/b] Several round one matches have been delayed due to the teams participating at the AMK Raiders Team Open tournament. These include Martell vs. Wrath and MYRMIDONS vs BiH, which are currently ongoing. According to a game marshal, Sunday's match fixtures will be redrawn again by a live draw. This is to address comments raised by various people that the organizers placed their home teams (Gamers Inc and Gamers Inc`Alpha) into relatively easy draws compared to … Read more »

Experience, play and win at EA Play 2007

[b]Game publisher Electronic Arts will be holding its second ever EA Play at the Singapore Institute of Management on the 16th and 17th of March. Visitors will get to test drive an exclusive preview of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, attend a game industry forum and take part in game competitions.[/b] Visitors to the event will get to preview highly anticipated EA game titles on the PC, Playstation 3, PSP, Wii and Xbox 360. The highlight will be an exclusive hands-on preview of Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, which will feature as a competitive game in … Read more »

10 slots remaining for IGC cybercafe round

[b]There are still 10 slots available for the upcoming Intel Gaming Cup cybercafe round to be held at H.I.G.H Cyber Lounge on March 15.[/b] [center][img][/img][/center] Today is the closing date for registration to compete in the upcoming Intel Gaming Cup cybercafe round at H.I.G.H. Yet, at the time of writing, there are still 10 slots left open. Team Zenith's "Ant" believes he has an explanation: "Cause it clashes with inter-sch!" Team xqR leader and regular GameSync commentator Wilson Tang, also known as "d4rkw1sH", was prevented from … Read more »