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Samsung Campus Gaming Festival @ SMU

[center][img][/img][/center] GameSync congratulates Marcus Wee(Wc3:TFT), Rayner Low(NFSU2), Gunners(DOTA) and Sunshine Boys(CSS), winners of the Samsung Campus Gaming FEstival @ SMU. They will move on to represent SMU to compete in the Tertiary Preliminary Finals at NYP on 31 August 2005. For more information, [url=]click here[/url]. Read more »

RageFaction: 6 Nations Championship

Our local gaming clan, [i][b]RageFaction[/b][/i] is participating in the [b][i]6 Nations Championship[/i][/b] under Group C. Various matches has been played against various opposing teams. Results are as follows: [list][*][i]NBTD[/i], with [i]RageFaction[/i] winning 16-6. [*][i]FfH[/i], with [i]RageFaction[/i] winning 16-5. [*][i]CyberDevilz[/i], with [i]RageFaction[/i] winning 16-1.[/list] Next match, [i]RageFaction[/i] will play against XCN.Upgraded. For more information, check out [url][/url] Read more »

VirtuaLeague Weekly Update

At present, Blaze.X3, RageFaction and TitaNs have qualified for the LAN finals which will be held at LanLab Online Bukit Timah. [b][u]Day 10 (14 August 2005)[/u][/b] [b]RageFaction[/b] 19 - 9 [b]Cube[/b] (de_train) [b][u]Day 11 (15 August 2005)[/u][/b] [b]Blaze.X3[/b] 16 - 11 [b]SG Poly[/b] (de_cbble) [b][u]Day 12 (16 August 2005)[/u][/b] [b]FE[/b] 16 - 2 [b]Aftermath[/b] (de_train) [b][u]Day 13 (17 August 2005)[/u][/b] [b]TitaNs[/b] 16 - 4 [b]M4d[/b] (de_train) [b][u]Day 14 (18 August 2005)[/u][/b] [b]Blaze.xeb3[/b] 16 - 9 [b]MR B[/b] (de_dust2) [b][u]Day 15 (19 August … Read more »

King of Kings: Race War @ Cineleisure

The finals of the Warcraft Singapore organized competition, Race Wars, will be held on the 27th and 28th of August at the basement of Cathay Cineleisure, from 10am to 10pm daily. In the Race Wars competition, each player is grouped according to their race of preference - human, orc, undead or night elf. The top two of each race group will then proceed to the finals at Cineleisure in a single elimination knock out to determine who will be the King of Kings. Every match will be featured on 2 plasma screens, each showing one player, so this is definitely a spectator event! Everyone is … Read more »

LanLab DotA Tournament

LanLab Online (Bukit Timah) will be holding a DotA Allstars 5.84c tournament on Sunday, 28th of August 2005. Tournament format will be 5v5 AP (all pick). There's a total of S$1400.00 worth of prizes to be won, with the winner walking away with S$500 cash and S$500 worth of prizes, and the runner-up receiving S$200 in cash and S$200 worth of prizes. Registration fee is S$50 per team. For more details on the tournament and registration, click on [url=]this link (LanLab Online)[/url]. Read more »

VirtuaLeague Updates

Here's some quick updates from VirtuaLeague 2005. [b][u]Day 8 (12 August 2005)[/u][/b] [b]Cube[/b] 16 - 2 [b]Incite[/b] (de_cbble) [b]MR A[/b] 16 - 3 [b]Undefined[/b] (de_cbble) [b][u]Day 9 (13 August 2005)[/u][/b] [b]4R[/b] 9 - 0 [b]Ash[/b] (de_cbble) [b]XTC[/b] 16 - 0 [b]Aftermath[/b] (de_train) The 4R vs. Ash match was a walkover as called for by the leader of Ash. No further details are available on this at the moment. Source: [url=]VirtuaLeague table[/url] and #VirtuaLeague on Galaxynet Read more »

VirtuaLeague Updates

[b][u]Day 5[/u][/b] [b]Cube[/b] 16 - 7 [b]MR A[/b] (de_dust2) [b]Ash[/b] vs. [b]Blaze[/b] postponed to Saturday [b][u]Day 6[/u][/b] [b]SG Poly[/b] 16 - 14 [b]4R[/b] (de_train) [b][u]Day 7[/u][/b] [b]Team TitaNs[/b] 16 - 0 [b]Aftermath[/b] (de_dust2) [b]S2K[/b] 16 - 12 [b]MR B[/b] (de_cbble) For more details and in-depth match reports, please read the [url=]Team TitaNs website[/url]. They have excellent coverage on VirtuaLeague 2005. Read more »

MapleSEA GM Event Announced, Aquila Full

The MapleSEA Event Manager has announced that from 1st September 2005 to 4th September 2005, there will be a 4 day GM event on Bootes server. The event will take place on channels 12 and 14, from 2.30pm to 9.30pm (gmt +8) each day. Click on the read more link below to view the full annoucement. Also, the MapleSEA Admin made an announcement stating that Aquila has reached maximum capacity and due to current technology is not further expandable. All Maplers are requested to start a new character on Bootes for a better playing experience. Read more »