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VirtuaLeague 2005 Day 4 Updates

Favourites RageFaction dominated Malaysian clan Incite 16-0 on de_cbble, while M4d won Aftermath 16-0 on de_cbble as well. Additionally, after discussion between VirtuaLeague staff, NuMb5Ku|L, leader of FE, and Kidon, manager of Team TitaNs, all three parties have agreed to stage a rematch. The August 6th match in which TitaNs won FE 16-1 is now declared void. More details at: [url=]Team TitaNs[/url] [url=]RageFaction[/url] [url=]VirtuaLeague[/url] Read more »

WCG in Digital Life Today

[center][img][/img][/center] The World Cyber Games have been featured in Digital Life today, on page 27. There are short write-ups on DotA Allstars 5.84c and Winning Eleven 8. Digital Life also interviewed Oh Wong Suk, executive vice-president of Internation Cyber Marketing (ICM), which organizes the World Cyber Games. Some tidbits include: - A hip-hop competition will be held during the Grand Finals - Plasma TVs will be placed around Suntec Convention Centre showing matches being played - A Cyberspace Theatre which will screen matches "like in … Read more »

DOTA 6.12b [email protected]

[center][img][/img][/center] Registration is now open for the first 8 teams that register for a mini-tournament to be held on the last day of the national final. All registration fees will snow-ball to be the top prize of $400 cash. Date: 11th Sept 2005 Venue: Suntec Exhibition Hall 401 Game: DOTA All-Stars v6.12b Registration Fee: $50 per team 1st Prize: $400 cash *Do take note that this mini-tournament is ONLY opened to teams who did not participant in the open category. Register now! [url][/url] Read more »

VirtuaLeague Updates

Here are some quick updates on Day 2 and Day 3 of VirtuaLeague 2005. [b]Day 2 (Friday, 5th August 2005)[/b] Both the 8ix. vs Pandemonium match and the Blaze.X3b vs S2K match were postponed due to technical problems on the server. Before that, S2K were unhappy with the match arrangement. S2K felt that Blaze.X3b had an unfair advantage as they were playing in a LAN shop and could communicate even during death. [b]Day 3 (Saturday, 6th August 2005)[/b] TitaNs won FE 16-1 in the first match of the day. It was an eventful match as it was discovered that the server config (cvars) was not up to … Read more »

Focusplay @Corner Tournament Results

The Focusplay @Corner has concluded with Team TitaNs placing 1st, Covert Ghosts (cG) 2nd, and Ragefaction (R.f-) coming in 3rd. It was a 6-team tournament as RagtuaL! and Fatal Exception were unavailable and did not participate. More details can be found at Focusplay. (Thanks to muG for correcting me about FE.) Read more »

WCG NTU Preliminaries Results

[center][img][/img][/center] The results for the WCG NTU Campus Prelimininaries have been released, with AZ (DotA), Yan Fang (NFSU2), Pan Ke (WC3) and ESC (CSS) earning places in the national finals. View the full details here at the [url=]WCG Singapore site[/url]. Read more »

MYRM Team 2 Interview

{mosimage articles/myrm2.jpg SLQ (left) and bre4k3r pose for the camera} This article was originally written by Shawn “LoOnEyToOnZ” Ho. Today we speak with DOTA Clan Myrmidons Team 2, led by bre4k3r and consists of Ao, versionX,, and Elven.Following Myrmidons’ win at the World Cyber Games AMD Community Center DOTA and seed at the National Finals, […] Read more »