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Interview With Team [e]L!Tes

[e]L!Tes had previously made a name for themselves in the local Counter-Strike competitive scene some time ago, so I was surprised to see them taking part in the WCG Cybercafe Preliminaries as a DotA team. It is apparent that their competitive edge has not left them, as they came back after being pushed back early game by the crowd favourite, […] Read more »

Interview With Fatal Exception

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed. We interviewed Fatal Exception after their spectacular match agaianst EoN over @ Head Quarters today for WCG CyberCafe Preliminaries (the only match for today) and gained some insight into FE. Read more »

Interview With Clan CuLt

Clan CuLt consists of Jerry Ng (CuLt.xSecretsx), who was absent today, Mark Chen (CuLt.XiaoRen), Benjamin Koh (CuLt.Furies), Benny Lim (CuLt.Vengeance) and Jacob Koh (CuLt.Triton). Jacob and Benjamin have been playing DotA since version 3.21, and Mark and Benny since version 5.64. During the WCG DotA qualifiers, despite being short of one man, Clan CuLt managed to hold back […] Read more »

Joint Interview With R2V and Isidore

{mosimage – articles/isi-r2v.jpg| R2V (left) and Isidore outside Head Quarters } This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed. We managed to secure 2 A(nova veterens, A([R2V] and A([Isidore] playing against each other for WCG right here in Head Quarters, here’s the joint interview after the ir 1v1 match. Read more »

Interview With -DreamZ- Lei

In an otherwise uneventful match with Always, DreamZ captured the attention of the spectators at Head Quarters when they pumped Lei’s Sven with items, and Lei windwalked solo into the Scourge base and nearly took out the throne! From then on, it was clear that DreamZ was a team worth watching. The DreamZ WCG DotA team is made up of […] Read more »

Interview With DotA Clan SF

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed. GameSync captured the DotA Allstars rush going down at Asteroids at the WCG CyberCafe Preliminaries (Week 5) and interviewed Clan SF. Clan SF is made up of Shawn Ling Shi Jun aka Bread-, Yong Bin Jie aka DuhDuh, Choong Mun Choi Allan aka Kaka321, Royce Rahardja aka FLYSHOW […] Read more »

Interview: Xtr3me3 (FIFA 2005)

This article was originally written by Tanvir “Zymeth” Mohamed. Mohammad Phirkhan, a.k.a. Xtr3me3, introduced himself as a 16-year old gamer who started gaming when he was 8 years old, alongside his brother. That’s 8 years of pure gaming goodness. He told us his favourite genre of games are RTS as well as sports games. As we zoom into […] Read more »

Interview with AIRinc

AIRinc is a Natural Selection clan that is bringing Singapore international recognition with their participation in AusNS.MT(W). They have a record of 5 wins 1 loss so far, and are currently in the final 4 of the tournament. We caught up with the AIRinc AusNS.MT(W) team on IRC and asked them about their clan, how they started playing Natural Selection, their thoughts on playing in AusNS.MT(W) and overseas in general, as well as AIRinc's future plans. Read more »