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Evo 2012 game lineup announced, Singapore to host qualifiers in March

This year’s edition of the Evolution Championship Series — the largest fighting games tournament in the world — will feature six games, as revealed by event organiser Joey “MrWizard” Cuellar earlier today on‘s official podcast Wakeup SRK Live. As part of the Road to Evo 2012 seeding process, Singapore will host a qualifying event for the Southeast Asia […] Read more »

Steam Holiday Sale 2011: A recap

The annual Steam Holiday Sale for 2011 has finally ended, and just like the previous sales from the past two years, my wallet has taken substantial damage from all the discounted games, barely crossing the SG$100 mark. Here’s a quick recap on the holiday sale, and some of my thoughts and tips for future deals. Read more »

Alpha Protocol Review

A few months ago, Alpha Protocol was part of a sale where all Sega titles were heavily discounted. Even though I had heard about the negative reviews this title had garnered, I was determined to give it a try since Alpha Protocol was being sold at a discounted price of only two bucks. While not […] Read more »

Christmas is coming: Steam holiday sale begins

The annual and renowned Steam holiday sale has arrived, running from 20 December to 1 January (Singapore time). In addition to the usual, incredibly discounted daily deals and publisher catalogue packs, this year’s holiday sale features daily Christmas-themed achievements to complete, similar to the 2011 Steam summer sale. Read more »