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New SSFIV Exclusive Features trailer

A new trailer for Super Street Fighter IV has been released on YouTube, which you can view embedded above. The video highlights some of the new features of SSFIV, such as insanely over-the-top alternate attires (Colossus Zangief!) and new (selectable?) Ultra combos for the cast.

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Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead released

A couple of months ago, we reported on Pixel Force: Left 4 Dead, a fan-made freeware that attempts to remake Left 4 Dead into a top-down shooter with NES-style graphics and audio. The game was due to be released in early January.

It's already January, and version 1.1 of the game is available for download at EricRuthGames. The download is 22MB in size and allows for 2-player local hotseat play.

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GameSync’s recommended Torchlight mods

Chances are, you succumbed to the Steam holiday sale daily offer about six days ago and bought Torchlight when it was on discount for 75% off at SG$7.50. By now, you also would have known that Torchlight has built-in support for modifications and custom user-created content.

Here is a quick list of some essential utilities and mods to enhance your Torchlight experience:

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Starhub Mumble servers relocated

For those wondering where the Starhub Mumble voicechat server went to, it has been relocated to a new IP address beginning yesterday. Here are the steps required to join the new Mumble server:

  1. Download Mumble 1.2 from
  2. Create an authentication certificate when asked to during the install process. Enter your nickname during this step as well.
  3. Connect to the new server at port 64738 and accept the server certificate even though it does not validate.

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Bayonetta teaser trailer released

Update: It seems the game has come out earlier in Singapore than expected. You can find the North American version of Bayonetta at video game stores everywhere.

Original: Sega has released a short TV commercial trailer for the North American version of Bayonetta, due for release 8 January on Xbox 360 and PS3.

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