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Left 4 Dead needs new boss enemies!

It's the same shit every game. The horde rushes you from every direction and you and your team unload your ammo into them. All the zombies look the same.

Well of course there are boss zombie characters but there are only four types and I am pretty sure many people are getting bored with them. There is the Smoker, a tall, lanky zombie with a extremly long and flexible tongue in which he can use to grab you. There is the Boomer, a fat blob of zombie lard who pukes horde-attracting bile on you. The hunter pounces on you and claws your face to shreds and the Tank is a muscle-bound … Read more »

L4D Crash Course bug fix patches released

Patches have been hastily released by Valve in the past day to address numerous bugs introduced in the latest Crash Course content update, including reducing the wacky weapon spawn rates in the Crash Course campaign and, more critically, balancing item spawn rates in versus mode.

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Team Galaxy TF2 frag video

Here comes another Team Fortress 2 frag video, this time from Team Galaxy from Japan. Titled “unfinisheD” and created by viNez, the video features awesome music selection, decent editing, extremely good pacing and a whole shitload of airshots. Watch out for hi-cook‘s Medic syringe spree starting from 1:00 and viNez‘s Scout spree starting from 3:16. […] Read more »

How do we choose news (or videos) to feature on GS?

Although no one has asked me directly, I get the feeling that our readers have been wondering how news, articles or, recently, local community frag videos get picked to be featured on GameSync.

The answer? There's no set formula. It's entirely up to our writers. But you can get yourself, your team or your wonderful videos on GameSync easily enough. Read on to find out more.

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Fop’s Great Justice #2: mash harder indeed

There is a fine line between an arcade scrub and a complete idiot.

By now, most of you readers would have figured out that I am some sort of arcade fanatic and a huge King of Fighters fanboy. You guys would also have realised that I have absolutely no sympathy for idiots with no brains.

Be afraid, be very afraid, because the same idiots have somehow infiltrated our local arcades.

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