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New Xbox 360 will arrive in 2010

Microsoft head honcho Steve Ballmer created a huge stir in the console gaming community when he announced that a new Xbox 360 will hit store shelves in 2010.

At the Executive's Club of Chicago, Ballmer said that the new console will have a "natural interface" and a built-in camera with the ability to recognise movement and voice, as reported by TG Daily.

There was no official launch date being mentioned as so in the meantime, Xbox fans and detractors alike will just have to wait it out.

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DRM in retreat

"I personally don't like DRM. (Digital Rights Management)", Electronic Arts CEO, John Riccitello said. "It interrrupts the user experience. We would like to get around that. But there is this problem called piracy out there."

A few months there was a big hoo-ha over the three-installation limit placed on each copy of Spore. Of course, due to the backlash, the policy was then changed but not before Spore's ratings on Amazon tumbled.Spore, being one of the most highly-anticipated games being coupled with one of the most restrictive policies ever imposed … Read more »

WCG Funan League final results

Here's a partial result list for the World Cyber Games 2009 Funan League, compiled from what we've managed to find out from our sources. We'll update the full list once results are publicly available. GameSync apologizes for not having live coverage of the event this weekend, but we promise to make up for it with more interviews of the winners!

Update: Full results list is up.

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WC3: Interview with Revenant

Although Marcus "Revenant" Tan is only a rookie compared to others in the nearly ten-year-old Singapore WarCraft III competitive community, he has already made waves internationally with his progress in various international tournaments online. He was recently signed by semi-professional esports outfit XTC to kick off the revival of the team's WarCraft III division, a clear vote of confidence in his abilities.

GameSync interviews Revenant to find out more about the young WC3 player, his views on WC3 in Singapore and how he thinks he will fare in this weekend's World … Read more »