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This year’s SMM Dota tournament will likely be the last. What’s next?

When Sendi Mutiara Multimedia launched the SMM Grand National Dota Tournament in 2006, it was a domestic tournament catering primarily to gamers from Malaysia. Today, the now five-year-old tournament’s reputation and prize pool attracts participation from teams located from all across the Asia-Pacific, and even as far away as Europe and North America. Despite its […] Read more »

SMM 2011 goes back to using Dota Allstars for Grand Finals

Sendiri Mutiara Multimedia, organisers of the SMM 2011 Grand National Dota Tournament, were forced to backtrack on last week’s pledge to play the Grand Finals on Dota 2 instead of Dota Allstars after the decision proved to be controversial within the community. As a result, the Grand Finals will revert to being played on Dota Allstars […] Read more »

SMM 2011 will use Dota 2 for grand finals

Sendi Mutiara Multimedia announced on Saturday that the grand finals of this year’s SMM Grand National Dota Tournament will be played on Dota 2 instead of Dota Allstars. This comes hot on the heels of the Electronic Sports World Cup’s announcement last month that it will do the same. Read more »

Dota 2: Hero biographies and voice clips

With the supposedly Dota 2 closed beta client leaked, information on the game has been spreading like wildfire on the Internet. No Game No Talk has put together the full list of heroes and their biographies, datamined from the leaked strings file, and hero voice clips which have been uploaded to YouTube. Read on for […] Read more »

Interview with Scythe.SG’s team captain hyhy, part 2

Scythe.SG made history last weekend when they placed third at The International Dota 2 Championships held at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, instantly becoming the most successful gaming team in Singapore by prize earnings. I interviewed Scythe.SG’s team leader Han Yong “hyhy” Lim, in which he revealed that the team only had a week to practice after coming out […] Read more »