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Razer unveils new high-end “Blade” gaming laptop

So NGNT’s prediction about the meaning behind Razer’s “PC Gaming is Not Dead” campaign wasn’t too far off: In a press release on the Razer website, the company has just unveiled the Razer Blade, a high-end gaming notebook, billed as “The World’s First True Gaming Laptop”. The Blade will retail for US$2,800 (SG$3,368, not factoring […] Read more »

The Sign of Razer

So the mysterious Sign of Razer has been revealed at PC Show 2011 yesterday: It’s actually a plastic cut-out of Razer’s snake head logo with a suction cup, and you’re supposed to stick it on your car’s windscreen for the chance to get some loot. But first, more about Razer’s booth at the PC Show. Read more »

Razer for Life

I received a mysterious message from Razer in my email this morning. It’s not every day you receive a missive direct from the Cult of Razer, much less one specifically directed to the people of Singapore. I had to investigate. Read more »