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Team Galaxy TF2 frag video

Here comes another Team Fortress 2 frag video, this time from Team Galaxy from Japan. Titled “unfinisheD” and created by viNez, the video features awesome music selection, decent editing, extremely good pacing and a whole shitload of airshots. Watch out for hi-cook‘s Medic syringe spree starting from 1:00 and viNez‘s Scout spree starting from 3:16. […] Read more »

Menacing Monocle TF2 frag vid teaser

Team Fortress 2 team Menacing Monocle put up this teaser of their upcoming frag video last weekend. There's not much action in it, but I must say that the Menacing Monocle title card is rather well done. No word yet on when the final video will be released, but GameSync will try to get in touch with MM members to see what they say.

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Valve initiates TF2 unlock holocaust

Valve has implemented its Final Solution against Team Fortress 2 players who used the third-party Steamstats program to gain access to time-based random item unlocks.

Beginning yesterday, Valve exterminated items indiscriminately and awarded who survived the purge with angelic halos as an symbol of moral superiority. Understandably, there has been mass outrage amongst TF2 players.

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GameSync TF2 server now back and even better!

The GameSync TF2 server has been updated with the latest Classless Update, new PUG/scrim configs and maps.

The previous weapon loadout issue that plagued the server was resolved after sgWarGames, our server sponsor, shifted our server from their Windows box to Linux. Props to the technical support from sgWarGames, particularly Frez who helped out with the countless hours of troubleshooting.

The new server IP is … Read more »

TF2 Classless Update released

The latest Team Fortress 2 content patch, the Classless Update, was released this morning (Singapore time) through Steam. Besides the usual slew of new maps and a new game mode, the update rebalances the Scout unlocks and fixes a number of gameplay issues.

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