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GameSync TF2 server down for maintenance

The GameSync Team Fortress 2 server is down for maintenance until further notice. There was a problem where players were forced to use certain weapons by default, making weapon loadout changes impossible and breaking pug and scrim play.

We're getting our server sponsor, sgWarGames, to do a clean install of the server and thereafter we'll start to restore the server back to its previous state. We don't have a firm date and time where the server will be available again, but we hope that it'll be up before Sunday.

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WCG SG/AC ’09 coverage wrap up

The World Cyber Games 2009 Singapore National Finals and Asian Championship came to a close last weekend. Here's a post with links to all the coverage that GameSync has done in the past couple of months on the biggest esports event on the Singapore calendar.

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WCG ’09 TF2 highlight: VCO vs H2H semi-finals

The semi-finals between VCO and H2H was a clash between two of Singapore's finest Team Fortress 2 teams, and it certainly did not disappoint. Both VCO and H2H played an extremely tactical game that was a pleasure to spectate. Both teams were more or less even on the first half but VCO outfoxed H2H in the second half to win the match 3-2 on aggregate.

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WCG SAFRA League final results

Here are the final results for the World Cyber Games 2009 SAFRA Champions League. We'll post up a more in-depth write up on the Team Fortress 2 winners later tonight, and upload photos taken on Monday night.

UPDATE: Photos are now in, click on the team name to view their photos. You can also view them in our new gallery or on Facebook (join our page as a fan and tag yourselves!).

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