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Alternatives to StarHub TF2 servers

With the StarHub Team Fortress 2 servers now gone for good, many dedicated players are wondering where they can go to get their fix now. GameSync has complied a list of servers located in Asia that you can try playing on. Depending on your location in Asia, your latency may vary. Please let us how you fare.

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Starhub plans to pull plug on TF2 public servers

UPDATE: The Starhub TF2 servers went down at 6am this morning, along with the Mumble voice communications server that Starhub was hosting. GG.

UPDATE 2: We've managed to contact Starhub through Twitter. They'll get back to GameSync.

UPDATE 3: We've posted a list of alternative servers you can play TF2 at. Check it out. If you're looking for TF2 forums to chat with our TF2 players all across Asia, Read more »

Update preparing to turn TF2 into an MMORPG?

Shitty artist's impression of Demoman wearing Afro unique headgear. (Graphic: Lee Wei Meng/GameSync)
The recently rolled-out patch for Team Fortress 2 features the ability to delete those hard-earned achievement unlocks from your inventory permanently and reworked the character loadout screens to support future releases – which one Steam Forums user's delving of the game files has revealed to be "lootable" items and unique headgear for all classes, among other things. Read more »