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TF2 update and Scout class pack confirmed

Players will now be able to destroy the Demoman's stickybombs by shooting at them, as part of a significant Team Fortress 2 update released yesterday. Separately, a Scout class pack has also been confirmed as the next major content pack by TF2 developer Robin Walker, along with other major technical updates for the game. Read more »

GS TF2 6v6 League week 1 results

Week 1 of the GameSync Team Fortress 2 6v6 League came to an exciting close with a nail biting 6-6 draw between teams *auR and -V- Co. on Dustbowl on Sunday. A record of over 60 spectators logged into our Source TV broadcast to view the match.

Here's a recap of the results:

Week One: Dustbowl

  • H2H<3 6 - 5 Aww.
  • tMg.tf2 6 - 5 S'un
  • Inv 6 - 1 Read more »