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Dota 2: Hero biographies and voice clips

With the supposedly Dota 2 closed beta client leaked, information on the game has been spreading like wildfire on the Internet. No Game No Talk has put together the full list of heroes and their biographies, datamined from the leaked strings file, and hero voice clips which have been uploaded to YouTube. Read on for […] Read more »

First look at CS:GO will be on Xbox 360 and PS3

The first look that gamers will have at the first new Counter-Strike game in 7 years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, will be the Xbox 360 version at PAX Prime this weekend, followed by the PlayStation 3 version at Eurogamer Expo next month, according to an email Valve sent out to the media. Read more »

Portal 2 DLC coming in mid-September

If you’ve been feeling a little bit worried about the release of Portal 2’s free DLC pack, which was originally announced way back in April for a “summer release”, here’s a little update from Valve’s Doug Lombardi at this year’s Gamescon 2011: The DLC will be released around mid-September, which is “still technically summer,” he […] Read more »

Valve releases Portal 2 soundtrack

Ever wished you could just whip our your Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device and save yourself the hassle of waiting for traffic to ease cross the street or walking across campus? Well, now with the Portal 2 soundtrack made available for download, you can Think With Portals anywhere, on the go! Read more »

Portal 2: The unboxing

Thanks to the efforts of all the crazy gamers who participated in Valve’s Potato Sack Alternate Reality Game (ARG), Portal 2 was released on Steam on Tuesday, 12.35pm (Singapore time), several hours early (originally scheduled for 7pm+). For the rest of us mere mortals holding out for the brick-and-mortar physical copy, here’s a quick look […] Read more »