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No Game No Talk is a gaming news website that focuses as much on the games community as we do on games, with special focus on Singapore and the Asian region. We offer expert analysis and coverage of game releases, game communities and the growing esports culture, including news, reviews, interviews, commentaries and event updates.

Founded on 1 April 2005 — and formerly known as GameSync.net — No Game No Talk is today the leading independent game news and community website based in Singapore.

No Game No Talk strives to be a reliable and trusted provider of accurate and meaningful news and views and a champion for the growth and development of the game communities we cover.

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The NGNT Team

Executive Editor, Founder
Wei-Meng Lee – “Matafleur”
[email protected]

Assistant Editor

Edward Pang – “GFoppy”
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Zhan Wei Lee
Eugene Neubronner
Amos Yeo

Richard Chan – “SnapSniper”

Special Thanks
Andrew Chen – Drew our wonderful Tetris-themed teaser page
Benjamin Eng – Vectorised our logo