DotA League Season 3 Semi-Finals and King of Kings 2006 Finals

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[b]The semi-finals of Dota League Season 3 ended with Geminga* and Zenith heading for the finals, while RageFaction’s TrueRaiN took the title of King of Kings.[/b]

Today’s matches were accompanied by live commentary from Jerome and Furryfish from the Rapture Gaming Network. The live commentary certainly made the matches more exciting to watch. The results are as follows:

  • Geminga* won T@x!S~
  • Zenith won rEv0

This means that Geminga* will face Zenith in the championship match, and T@x!S~ will confront rEv0 for 3rd placing. Also, DotaSG‘s Andy Soh (y|nsh3ng`st1ck) will be present tomorrow at the finals to collect payment for the registration of the DotaSG 1v1 Tournament.

[url=]You can view the photos for the DotA League Season 3 Semi-Finals here[/url].

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Warcraft Singapore‘s King of Kings finals also took place today. How this competition works is that players will first compete for the title of King of one of the four races available in Warcraft III – Elves, Humans, Orcs or Undead. After that, the Kings for each race will face off with each other in the King of Kings finals, with the champion being crowned the King of Kings. For this year’s King of Kings, RageFaction’s TrueRaiN emerged as the King of Kings. The full results are as follows:

  • RF | TrueRaiN – King of Kings and King of Undead
  • fsk3.Gosubay – King of Elves
  • RF | ShanA – King of Human
  • TitaNs Abuse – King of Orc

[url=]You can view the photos for the King of Kings prize presentation here[/url].

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