All-girl DotA team asterisk* looking for new talent

[b]All-girl DotA Allstars team asterisk* has sent word that they are recruiting new talent into their ranks.[/b]

The trials will take place this Saturday, 31st March 2007, at Gaming Giant in Katong Shopping Centre. asterisk* spokesperson Tammy “furryfish” Tang also laid out four pre-requisites potential candidates should have before attending the trial:

[][list=1][*]must be FEMALE. males need not apply.
[*]preferably not studying, or not in a crucial exam year.
[*]have decent connection + com at home to train. or able to go lan to train with the rest of the team online.
[*]can commit to at least ONE training session weekly.[/list][/quote]

More details can be found at [url=]this[/url] DotaSG forum thread.

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