Official Super Street Fighter IV announcement trailer

Capcom has released the official announcement trailer for Super Street Fighter IV, which you can view embedded above.

The trailer shows gameplay footage of Thunder Hawk, Dee Jay, and Juri — three of the new characters announced for SSFIV so far.

Thunder Hawk and Dee Jay should be familiar to anyone who has played Super Street Fighter II Turbo. They appear to have retained most of their old moves and combos.

Juri is probably Capcom’s answer to SNK’s Kim Kaphwan (from King of Fighters and Real Bout Fatal Fury fame). She’s from South Korea, she fights with Taekwondo, and has a really over-the-top Ultra combo attack.

Super Street Fighter IV is scheduled to be released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in the Spring of 2010. No word yet on a PC or Arcade release.

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  • Matafleur

    Juri looks good. I like her Ultra! :3

    *cough* Hentai *cough cough*

  • Glimmerous.Fop

    I can start seeing all the Cammy fanboys flocking to Juri.

    Maybe Juri can be Cammy’s new rival in the game. Spin Drive Smasher vs Psycho Taekwondo.

  • sunburnedcrow

    Super Street Turtle 4: Now with more characters to get you more pissed off at the game!

  • DomeJr

    T. Hawk … about time.