DotA dev now working for Valve

DotA developer IceFrog is now working for Valve, according to a post on the DotA Allstars developer’s blog on Monday.

IceFrog wrote that he is currently “leading a team at Valve” and now has “all the resources needed to do some very exciting stuff”.

The DotA developer gave no further details on what his team at Valve is working on, writing that “specific details” will be released when “the time is right”.

IceFrog will continue working on DotA, with the 6.64 and 6.65 updates already planned.

Gaming blog Kotaku independently confirmed that Valve indeed hired IceFrog.

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  • Frez

    I’ve always wanted to work for Valve :(

  • riffraff

    icefrog is riding the gravy train now