More L4D2 story on Midnight Riders website

The “official” website for Left 4 Dead 2’s fictitious Southern rock band, The Midnight Riders, has been updated with blog posts and track listings for their latest album.

For those of you who are looking for more story in your L4D2 experience, the blog posts mention something about a “green flu”, which most likely refers to the mutated rabies responsible for causing the zombie outbreak in the game.

The Riders were scheduled to perform at the Whispering Oaks carnival on 8 October. We all know what happened to the carnival by now. The period of 8 October could possibly be the date where the outbreak started to intensify and went out of control.

There’s also an official Midnight Riders YouTube channel, where you can listen to the songs “Midnight Rider” and “One Bad Man”, the same tracks played during the epic Dark Carnival finale.

In other news, L4D2’s garrulous mechanic, Ellis, has his own official Facebook page and YouTube channel as well. Check out his profile description on his YouTube channel page.


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  • Maddcap

    OR you can go to your l4d2 file and find the song. Its in flu.