Just Cause 2: Bolo Santosi’s Singlish accent

Introducing Bolo Santosi, a villainous character from Just Cause 2 who has a really thick and deadpan Singaporean accent. Seriously, just watch the embedded video above, and laugh your heart out.

Ms. Santosi is quickly becoming a cult personality among gamers (both Singaporean or otherwise) due to her combination of cheesy dialogue and emotionless voice acting. She’s even caught the attention of prominent Singaporean blogger Mr. Brown.

Some choice quotes from Ms. Santosi:

“Otherwise, they will evaporate to nothing. And nothing will come of nothing, Scorpio”.

“Unable to motivate even the slightest self-preserving action. A willing and terrified lump of flesh, just for me”.

I showed the video to a few of my Singaporean gaming friends, who had this to say:

Kindaichi17 says: “It sounds like a pseudo-Singaporean accent. And looks like she’s wearing some chui-ded SIA uniform.”

Matafleur says: “While the accent is a bit jarring it’s [still] okay. I think the main problem I find is with the deadpan delivery. Where’s the emotion lol… it’s just flat”.

Mut says: “She’s HAWT. I wanna date her. I want her to talk dirty to me in that accent”.

Just Cause 2 was released on 23 March for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. It has received decent reviews from 1UP.com (A), EDGE Magazine (April 2010 issue — 7/10), and GameSpot (8.5/10.0).

Pledge ourselves, as one united people. Regardless of race, language or religion… or Bolo Santosi.

Thanks Samuel Tan for bringing Ms. Santosi to my attention.

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