Atlus responds to poor KOFXIII console netcode [Updated]

King of Fighters XIII

Update (9 Dec): Atlus has confirmed on Twitter that developers SNK Playmore are currently working on a netcode patch.

Original: The console version of King of Fighters XIII has been out for two weeks, and many players (this writer included) have been complaining about the game’s poor network performance for online play.

Atlus, the US publishers of KOFXIII, have posted a message on their official forums, promising gamers that “we will do everything within our influence to help developer SNK Playmore test and continue to improve KOFXIII’s network performance“.

KOFXIII’s netcode is much improved from the online disaster of its predecessor, KOFXII. However, it is still quite unreliable and unpredictable.

I’ve tried playing online with a few of my local friends, and despite having the best connection rating, there are times where the game has horrendous input lag and unstable spikes. It’s still quite playable, but it becomes an unenjoyable experience as both players will eventually get frustrated at dropped combos and delayed inputs.

While it’s great to see Atlus putting in the effort to respond to customer feedback, the question remains as to whether the developers, SNK Playmore, are able to deliver a remedy. The company has a terrible track record when it comes to fighting game netcode (need I mention KOFXII again?), and to be honest, getting an improved KOFXIII netcode that is on par with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition or even BlazBlue: Continuum Shift would require nothing short of a miracle.

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