Evo 2012 Singapore qualifiers postponed to early June

Evo Championship Series

The Singapore qualifiers for this year’s Evolution Championship Series fighting games tournament has been postponed to early June, according to information released by one of the co-organisers last Saturday.

According to the Singapore Cybersports and Online Gaming Association, the qualifiers were postponed to coincide with Clementi Game Fest 2012. As a result, the venue for this year’s qualifier will once again be at the Clementi Community Club instead of the TKA Bugis Junction arcade as originally announced.

While the venue change means that there may be up to five games featured at the qualifiers — up from the initial two previously reported — thanks to access to more console setups, only one winner will receive a sponsored flight to the Evo grand finals, held at Caesers Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA from 6 to 8 July.

The other games which will not include the sponsored flight can still be played for seeding points to gain an advantage over the hundreds of unseeded players who turn up for the Evo Grand Finals each year. A SCOGA spokesperson I talked to believed that this will attract top fighting games talent from Asia and Oceania to fly to Singapore to play in the qualifiers.

The Singapore qualifiers will be jointly organised by SCOGA and SG Finest.

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