Dota 2: BeyondTheSummit World Tour update – Evil Geniuses vs Darer

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Day 2 of the BeyondTheSummit World Tour Dota 2 tournament continued on Tuesday night, with Evil Geniuses going up against Darer.

The tournament is a winner-takes-all US$1,000 prize pool tournament featuring 16 of the world’s best teams from America, Europe and Asia.

Evil Geniuses vs Darer

Evil Geniuses’s Roster Darer’s Roster

With a team this experienced, as well as former Na`Vi captain and MVP of The International, Artstyle, in the roster, Darer seems to be the more favoured team in this match up.

EG on the other hand, despite having a roster change a couple of months ago, seem to be able to catch their stride amongst teams that have been together for a really long time.

Game 1:

With many expected picks and bans in this match up, Darer seems to be aiming for a straight forward gank and push strategy with a Wisp combination. EG on the other hand chose to go with a heavy area-of-effect and team fight potential line up, EG looks set to dominate Darer‘s line up if they try to engage in a 5 on 5.

(Darer) Radiant Dire (EG)
Lone Druid Morphling
Shadow Demon
Chaos Knight

With an aggressive Tether from Wisp onto Chaos Knight, Tidehunter began backing off after letting off an anchor smash. A successful Tether stun resulted in continuous right clicks coming out from both Chaos Knight and Wisp, attempting to bring down the tanky hero. Chaos Bolt landed for a 2 second stun duration. The damage, however, was insufficient as Wisp continued firing off right click after right click. Just as Tidehunter reached the safety of his Tier 1 tower, Chaos Knight’s last right click with the aid of Wisp’s final right click helped give the first blood to Darer.

Darer were losing out right from the start, with their top and middle lane being unable to do much against EG although Chaos Knight was getting free farm at the bottom lane. Each time either of the team clashed, it ended up with an almost even kill-for-kill trade. Darer‘s weakness really started showing when Lone Druid was unable to get any farm and was continuously getting shut down by EG‘s ganks.

The first team fight at 8:45 brought 9 heroes excluding Tidehunter onto the top lane, leading to a 2 for 2 trade off. Although the Lone Druid was underfarmed, Chaos Knight was able to get enough farm for a Vanguard and began tanky enough to gank support heroes on his own.

Despite having even kill-for-kill trade offs, Darer began losing out when EG showed their true team fight potential with the Black Hole and Ravage. EG‘s momentum began snowballing as Morphling began to become more farmed up, making use of the Ethereal Blade to burst down Darer‘s support heroes.

EG eventually pushed out the bottom lane and Darer‘s response was to start a team fight to prevent EG‘s push onwards. Morphling’s triple kill caused Chaos Knight to buy back. Darer eventually loses all 5 heroes and their bottom barracks. One final team fight at the Dire’s ancients, and a fantastic play by Rubick to throw Chaos Knight onto a ledge, rendering him immobile and useless in the fight caused Darer to lose all 5 heroes once again.

Artstyle finally had enough and called the GG at 27:19.

Game 2:

With EG showing how potent their team fight potential was with the Tidehunter and Enigma in the previous game, it was surprising that Darer decided not to ban off these two heroes or counter-pick them, once again allowing EG to pick them up. This time combining the line up with Dark Seer and Undying’s team fight potential and Tinker’s global presence in the mid game. Darer on the other hand managed to pick up the a semi-push and semi-ganking line up.

(EG) Radiant Dire (Darer)
Dark Seer Bane
Tinker Bone Clinkz
Shadow Demon

Darer‘s attempt on the first  blood just one minute into the game led to an overcommitment as Leshrac, Shadow Demon & Chen all dived the Radiant’s Tier 1 tower in an attempt to kill Undying. Undying, however, stood his ground and dropped the Tombstone directly onto Leshrac, forcing Leshrac to back off as Tidehunter came in with a Gush on him while EG‘s tower was randomly firing at Chen’s creeps. Enigma finally came from the Neutral camps and dropped a Malefice onto Leshrac while Undying continued the chase. Just as Chen’s Holy Persuasion on Leshrac nearly sent him back to safety, a final right click from Enigma gave EG the first blood although Undying fell almost immediately after.

Darer‘s aggressive bottom tri-lane continued on through the game, continuously attempting to catch off any of EG‘s players including the Undying. Each aggression consistently resulted in somewhat uneven trades as they manage to pick off the support heroes but end up feeding Undying with multiple kills. EG eventually began to take the lead in terms of gold and experience.

Darer appeared to stand a chance with the Bone Clinkz having his Orchid Malevolence up, but he was unable to pick off support heroes often. Darer continuously forced engages against EG, only to end up losing more than half their team each time they tried.

At 15:45, Undying manages to get a triple kill. With 4 of Darer going down, except the Bone Clinkz, EG managed to get the Radiant’s bottom barracks and continued to kill Darer‘s heroes. EG‘s advantage then snowballed with ganks all around the map. Tinker’s global presence began punishing Darer with multi-lane pushes and rearm rockets and lasers continuously harassing and sometimes even killing off Darer‘s heroes.

EG finally pushed the top lane, going straight up against Darer‘s defense. The Black Hole and Ravage once again proved to be the key skills that Darer simply could not deal with. This time, it was GO[blin] who called the GG at  27:39.

Evil Geniuses comes out victorious 2-0!

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