StarCraft II: 1.5.0 Arcade patch now live, new streaming patch client added

StarCraft II 1.5.0 Arcade patch

The latest 1.5.0 “Arcade” patch for StarCraft II, which greatly improves the multiplayer Custom Games function, has just gone live.

The patch is pretty massive, weighing in at over 1GB, and comes with a new optimisation feature that improves the loading times of SCII.

Patch 1.5.0 also marks the introduction of Blizzard’s new streaming patch client: you can launch and play your older version of SCII while waiting for the latest patch to be “streamed” simultaneously to your PC.

StarCraft II - Arcade screenshot

There are no balance changes added in this patch, but if you’re a fan of Custom Games like me, the new Arcade tab makes it easier for you to search for the newest and most popular custom maps, a major improvement over the previously flawed system.

For the full details of the patch, and instructions on how to fully utilise the new Arcade feature, check out this Blizzard post on the official SCII blog.

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